Himakas-Binuligay-Uswag (HBU) Association Inc.

"Striving and helping each other progress."

The President and Chairman of the Board

As kindly requested by its many supporters and to provide some transparency as to the people behind the HBU, the association is pleased to provide the personal and professional qualification of its founding president and chairman of the board:

- graduated from Cabatuan
National Comprehensive High School, Batch ‘95
- graduated from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, Iloilo City in April 2000
- a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines
- an International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Diploma holder as issued by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), United Kingdom 

Currently, a Regional Finance Controller/Delegate/Technical Adviser/Consultant for South East Asia + North Korea of one of the European Countries National Red Cross Society, as contracted from headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark but currently based or stationed in Bangkok, Thailand. Countries currently being supported include national operations in Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and North Korea.

The HBU project concept is an attempt to start-up an initiative within the Philippines (particularly starting in Cabatuan) to engage in rural & grass root livelihood and development projects, as principally managed from offsite and outside of the Philippines. For the project to be more sustainable, it will be implemented following the ‘business model’ not heavily depending on personal grants from donors, rather primarily on income generating operations at the side of awarding grants direct to beneficiaries.

The technical inputs behind the project concept is an accumulation of combined professional and personal experiences of the founder from his work and personal travels from the different countries like Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK), Guam U.S.A., Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, China, South Korea, Hongkong, Macau, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Zimbabwe and U.A.E. (Dubai).

Hope the said information will be sufficient enough to add credibility and for the successful carrying out of the activities of the HBU.

Kindly support 
HBU – Striving and helping each other progress!