Himakas-Binuligay-Uswag (HBU) Association Inc.

"Striving and helping each other progress."

In HBU, we Care and Share!

A little time for HBU is worth a precious moment for the needy.

A little help each one can give is a strong inspiration for us all to continue the HBU work.

No help, no effort and no idea is worthless; give yourself a chance to be involved.

We should feel lucky to read this message and a quick thought of the poor and needy made us feel really blessed.

Blocked-off store schedule during Dec 2010

Certain groups of HBU supporters have kindly requested in blocking-off particular dates/time during December 2010 for visiting the store for a more dedicated group visit and 'shopping' session.  Each request shows special interest in supporting the fundraising initiative of the HBU and will likewise give the association a chance for a more customized introduction of the HBU activities to particular group of visitors.

December 2010

1   (Wed)
      PM - Cabatuan Sangguniang Bayan office (provisionally reserved)

2   (Thu)
      PM - Cabatuan DILG/MLGOO office (provisionally reserved) 

4   (Sat)
      AM - APIA Elementary School alumni (provisionally reserved)

11 (Sat)
      AM - District VI Brgy. officials (provisionally reserved)
16 (Thu)
      PM - APIA Elementary School teachers and pupils (provisionally reserved)

17 (Fri)
      AM - Brgy. Ingas officials and residents (provisionally reserved)
      PM - Brgy. Amurao officials and residents (provisionally reserved)

18 (Sat) - Brgy. Amerang, Cabatuan Barangay Fiesta
      AM - HBU display booth at the Brgy. Basketball Court (confirmed)
PM - HBU display booth at the Brgy. Basketball Court (confirmed)

23 (Thu)
      AM - CNHS Batch '95 members (provisionally reserved)     
      PM - KUDOS officers, members and beneficiaries (provisionally reserved)

24 (Fri)
      PM - HBU donors, patrons and supporters' event (confirmed)

25 (Sat)
      AM - HBU new/additional beneficiaries (confirmed)
      PM - HBU volunteers and project officers Christmas event (confirmed)

26 (Sun)
      AM - Lapas Association beneficiaries (provisionally reserved)
30 (Thu)
      AM - HBU general annual membership meeting & election of
                 new set of board of directors and officers 
Kindly contact the HBU office should you wish to block-off a particular visit or 'shopping' session.  Reservation is free and on a first-booked, first-served basis.  A provisional reservation could still be replaced once a certain group has finally/surely confirmed or blocked-off a session and as agreed by HBU official. 

A day is divided into two sessions (1) morning 8:00 AM - 12:00 noon and (2) afternoon 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  A particular group can only block-off one session of a day during December 2010.

It will be for HBU's interest to ensure that appropriate quantity of stocks are available at the store during the respective visits.

Public sale (open to everyone) resumes as normal for particular dates and time not blocked-off.  However clothes and other item donations will still be received by the store at any time.

HBU gift coupons up for grabs

Undoubtedly, one would be self-fulfilled in making others happy especially when you address one of his/her basic needs.  Help a poor friend or relative by sending an HBU prepaid coupon as a gift.

The coupons are redeemable by bearer at the HBU store in exchange of second hand clothes, books, school supplies and materials and other usable donated items for the beneficiaries.  It can't be claimed for eload and buying or rental of discs (DVD's and VCD's).

If interested, please Contact us.

 The coupons come in denominations of P50, P100, P200, P300, P500 and P1,000.

United States dollar coupons can also be specially bought at $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 a piece (i.e. buying exchange rate 1 US$ = P50, store value exchange rate 1 US$ = P40).

Help others and indirectly you are supporting our association in carrying out its objectives of helping as many as possible. 

HBU official logo is launched

Thanks to the voluntary efforts of our association's two supporters.  The official logo was originally designed by Mr. Remus Jude Rando (in Cabatuan), as edited and converted into a computer graphic by Mr. Joel Jambongana (a Cabatuananon now residing and working in Singapore). 

Wanted:  Freight sponsor of goods from abroad

A number of Filipinos who are currently living and working in Thailand, with some contributions from few Thai citizens, are keen to send a big box of second-hand clothes and other items to our intended beneficiaries in Cabatuan.

However freight cost is a significant high amount of not less than Thai Baht 4,000 (equivalent to Php 5,200).  HBU will not be able to pay for the freight as it will not be profitable for the organisation to receive the goods with freight/salable value within the range of P5,200 (break-even level).

For those interested to sponsor the shipment to Cabatuan, kindly Contact us.

Prospect in-kind donors from other countries, you can also inform your willingness to send goods/items to Cabatuan, then freight arrangement(s) could be solicited.

In-kind donations are now accepted

Our organisation has started accepting second-hand yet usable clothes, used DVD's and VCD's kept in your cabinets, old toys, books/magazines, old shoes, household and school items that you don't intend to use anymore.

There's a different sense of happiness it can give when you see other people having greater needs of those items.

Kindly support our organisation to thrive with your in-kind donations and let's make our poor community members happier in availing more low-priced donated items.

Store soft opening in Amerang, Cabatuan

When you have time, you can visit our store located in Amerang, Cabatuan, Iloilo. 

You can Contact us for a guided viewing or if you need more information to know the detailed mechanics of our programme.

Currently available are:

+ very affordable second-hand yet usable clothes/wearing apparels starting from P5 per piece.

+ DVD's and VCD's rental for P10 per disc, 3-day rental period, with minimal one-time registration fee of P15.  Some discs are also available for sale at P20 each.

+ e-load (Smart and Globe), scanning and fax services (P5 per one-page  document) and PLDT pay-phone service to Iloilo City (P5 per 5-minute call).

+ low, low prices of school and office supplies starting from P2 for an item.

+ books and reading materials available for rent (starting at P5 for a week) or for sale (starting at P20 per piece).

Proceeds on sale of the above will be used to support our programme works with the intended beneficiaries, as well as continuing our association's operational activities.

Thanking you in advance for your kind support on this initiative.