Himakas-Binuligay-Uswag (HBU) Association Inc.

"Striving and helping each other progress."

As a Volunteer

Project Support (urgently needed)
(Active and idealistic students/youth are most WELCOME)

General administrators:  support in the day-to-day running of store and overall coordination of different project tasks with rest of volunteer groups

Logisticians:  assistance in the deliveries of donated goods/items to store

Information, advocacy and visibility team:  advertising and campaigns to generate public and institutional interest in the association's activities through any effective means (e.g. newsletters, forums, blogs, meetings, symposia, etc.)

Accounting, finance and audits:  ensuring proper management and use of programme funds (e.g. bookkeeper, finance consultant, external auditor)

IT and web:  technical IT support in the general operations, including graphic designs and development/maintenance of informative website

Technical writers:  formulation of programme documents (e.g. project statement, procedures manual, proposals, etc.) in support of funding applications locally and abroad

Technical consultants:  advisory on the technical aspects of programme implementation (e.g. legal and project management)

Or in any other activities or project matters that you can kindly share your expertise, time and resources, please Contact us.

As a Donor

If you have any items as mentioned in Project activities section that you intend not to use, are being trashed or kept in storage to deteriorate, you may want to share them to our association for consequent sharing to others who will find them very useful.

All donations are welcomed, accounted for and greatly appreciated. 

Depending on the accumulated quantity or salable value of donated items to HBU, we are acknowledging our active benevolent donors as follows:

Elite -  > 1,000 donated items or > P20,000 salable value of goods  

Premier -  > 500 donated items or > P10,000 salable value of goods

Standard -  > 250 donated items or > P5,000 salable value of goods

Any valued donor reaching the above-stated levels will be duly acknowledged in our website.

As a Sponsor

A sponsorship is a short-cut for those who are impatient and wanting immediately to award livelihood grants direct to the beneficiaries. 

The sponsor, based on HBU's available listing of beneficiaries and their respective planned livelihood project(s), will have to select its one or more preferred beneficiary/(ies) and then privately fund the project(s).  

All sponsorships are welcomed, accounted for and greatly appreciated.  The funding required for each sponsorship to a beneficiary's project plan would depend on the nature of the livelihood project. 

Depending on the number of accumulated sponsorship(s) supported through HBU, we are acknowledging our active benevolent sponsors as follows:

Diamond/Lifetime -  > 30 sponsored beneficiaries or > P50,000 monetary value of sponsorships 

Platinum -  > 20 sponsored beneficiaries or > P30,000 monetary value of sponsorships

Gold -  > 15 sponsored beneficiaries or > P20,000 monetary value of sponsorships

Silver -  > 10 sponsored beneficiaries or > P15,000 monetary value of sponsorships

Classic -  > 5 sponsored beneficiaries or > P8,000 monetary value of sponsorships

Green -  > 3 sponsored beneficiaries or > P5,000 monetary value of sponsorships

HBU will charge from sponsor an additional 10% administration fee based on the monetary value of the managed grants.

Any valued sponsor reaching the above-stated levels (which are all net of 10% administration fee) will be duly acknowledged in our website.

As a Partner/Co-beneficiary

Interested non-government organisations, schools, associations, network groups, foundations, student bodies, etc. are most welcome to partner-up with HBU.  A partner or co-beneficiary is an entity where it supports HBU in collecting donated items, in return HBU will share back 50% (or 90%, when specially agreed) of the proceeds on sale to support the partner's own initiatives that are most likely complementary community-intervention activities.

On an annual basis, the HBU will do an evaluation of all its existing partnerships and categorise each based on the following:

P+ partner with > 4,000 donated items or equivalent > 20,000 net proceeds to HBU

P partner with = or > 2,000 donated items or equivalent = or > P10,000 net proceeds to HBU

P- partner with < 2,000 donated items or equivalent to < P10,000 net proceeds to HBU

HBU's categorisation of partnerships are to acknowledge stronger cooperation and support among fellow active groups of the same intents, however encouraging other groups (especially in the A-) in anyway it can do to further the activities.