Himakas-Binuligay-Uswag (HBU) Association Inc.

"Striving and helping each other progress."

Service facility

Provision of an information portal regarding job availabilities is a significant complementary activity of the association in order to address the primary need of its target beneficiaries.

The HBU team and its supporters, with their vast access to employment opportunities locally and abroad, can offer job information to those interested. 
For job openings locally, within the Philippines and abroad, a listing of most commonly used jobsites is maintained on the Jobs database section.  

Extended services for professionals

The association is extending its job information service to some selected professionals (e.g. teachers, accountants, auditors and NGO workers) in possibly getting a job abroad. 

Anyone who comes accross of any international job opening that could benefit others is welcome to inform HBU for wider dissemination to its followers.  Any job opportunity/information could be sent to hbu.employment@gmail.com.  

For those interested, kindly browse the relevant section of the Jobs database  for the currently open jobs. 


The HBU is neither a recruitment nor a placement agency, instead only a servicing organisation dedicated to provision of a job information portal wanting to help its target beneficiary (i.e. professionals, etc.) to get a job abroad.

The association and its supporters will endeavor their level best to search for and share job opportunities abroad, however it will still be the candidates sole/full responsibility to directly and personally apply for open jobs and to take on all associated risks and commitments direct with the prospect employers. 

The HBU has no facility to screen prospect employers abroad, thus we take no responsibility regarding commitments made and actions by the prospect employers such as travel documents, arrangements, etc.

Limited service resources

The HBU can only actively carry-out the above initiative if enough manpower resource is available especially in updating the site and blogs with new job availability information .  Reciprocally, the interested candidates (or volunteers) themselves are welcome to assist the HBU team in administering this job information service or the candidates could be involved in other operational aspects of HBU while the association's team could spare time on this information service.

Hot jobs!

(1) Full time teachers for Vietnam and Myanmar
(2) Full time Math teacher in Thailand
(3) Secondary School Teachers for Indonesia (Math, Science and Social Studies)

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Jobs database for more details.