Himakas-Binuligay-Uswag (HBU) Association Inc.

"Striving and helping each other progress."

Income generation

HBU gathers/collects used items such as:
(a) clothes/wearing apparels;
(b) shoes, slippers and other footwears;
(c) umbrellas and caps;
(d) toys;
(e) decors and novelty items;
(f)  DVD’s, VCD’s and CD’s;
(g) books, magazines, pocketbooks, etc.;
(h) school materials;
(i)  household items

to be “cleaned”, “washed”, “ironed”, “fixed-up”, “repaired”, “refurbished”  (as appropriate) and ready for sale as ‘second-hand’ stuff.

vis-a-vis the above activities, the targeted beneficiaries are provided with very affordable clothing and re-usable materials.

Core activities

HBU's net income generated from sale of ‘second hand’ stuff, including other donations received, will be granted to support livelihood projects of willing and poor, individuals and communities.  Donations (cash or in-kind) can be from individuals, corporations, co-organisations/foundations/NGO’s and institutional donors, locally and abroad.

HBU's grantees/benefiaries will be properly guided to ensure the effective and sustainable carrying out of the livelihood projects (i.e. from project formulation, management, advertising and/or seeking customer base, financial advise, etc.).

Personal commitment is required as the HBU grants will be managed under ‘Grant loan-Save-Gradual payment’ schemes with the grantees/beneficiaries.

HBU intends to work with the willing and poor in carrying out its project activities by providing employments in every opportunity.

Networking and support

HBU is partnering-up with other organisations (as co-beneficiary) in gathering/collecting used items, i.e. HBU to ‘process’ the items for sale and proceeds will be shared as per agreement (usually 50-50%).

HBU also offers selling support (usually 20% consignment fees) to targeted beneficiaries and partner individuals/co-associations in its entrepeneurial endeavors.